Ariocarpus trigonus

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Only the rosette of long, curving, leaf like tubercles is visible on this plant; the flat tuberous body is below the soil. Lemon flowers and small white berries appear in a ring on the crown. A plant of only 25 cm (10 inch) in diameter may already be a 100 years old.

Known synonyms:
Known common (English) plant names:
Living rock
Natural habitat:
Mexico and southern USA (Texas)
Maximum plant height or length:
– In centimeters:
10 centimeter(s)
– In inches:
4 inch(es)
Maximum plant width or diameter:
– In centimeter(s) :
20 centimeter(es)
– In inches:
8 inch(es)
Minimum temperature:
– In degrees Celsius (°C):
7 °C
– In degrees Fahrenheit (°F):
45 °F
Estimated age when fullgrown:
Estimated age of first flowering:
Flowers appear in / from… :
Duration of a flower:
3 day(s)
Flowers primary color:
Lemon / light-yellow
Ideal sun exposure:
Full sun or sunny
Cultivation description:
This plant is very prone to rot if overwatered.


The complete book of cacti & succulents, Terry Hewitt, ISBN 0751300497

  1. Ariocarpus fissuratus

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