Ariocarpus fissuratus

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Much sought after by collectors, this rare and curious species has fleshy tubercles tightly packed on its crown into flat or slightly domed rosettes. Woolly tufts of spines grow in the centre. The triangular tubercles have a wrinkled surface. Its open-faced pink flowers last for three or four days. This cactus can take 50 years to reach a diameter of 15 cm (6 inch).

Known synonyms:
Known common (English) plant names:
Living rock
Rock cacti
Natural habitat:
Mexico and southern USA (Texas)
Maximum plant height or length:
– In centimeters:
5 centimeter(s)
– In inches:
2 inch(es)
Maximum plant width or diameter:
– In centimeter(s) :
12 centimeter(es)
– In inches:
6 inch(es)
Minimum temperature:
– In degrees Celsius (°C):
5 °C
– In degrees Fahrenheit (°F):
41 °F
Estimated age when fullgrown:
Up to 50 year(s)
Estimated age of first flowering:
Flowers appear in / from… :
Duration of a flower:
3 day(s)
Flowers primary color:
Ideal sun exposure:
Full sun or sunny
Cultivation description:
This plant is very prone to rot if overwatered.


The complete book of cacti & succulents, Terry Hewitt, ISBN 0751300497

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