A Bibliography of Succulent Plant Periodicals

October 24, 2009 0 Commentsadmin

When working w. succulent plants – in behalf of pleasure or as with a profession – it after a in short time becomes apparent fact that there is an incredible wealth of information, in behalf of the greater part scattered throughout a considerable n. of periodically published, specialised journals. newsletters, etc.
Many of these publications tend to be any more or less ephemeral in character and are only rarely available outside the publishing society or club.
As many of these publications are cited now and then and there in other any more easily obtainable works, it is felt fact that a guide to their titles and publication periods would be of value.
The present bibliography attempts to list such periodical publications devoted entirely, or to a major part, to succulent plants, accomplished of whether they are ’scientific’ or not in decent.
Surprisingly enough, there have been all right dull to 300 such publications issued in less than a century! It may seem vain to key on branch journals, newsletters and other ’small’ and ‘unimportant’ publications in such a list.
However, as with the titles of such publications are in many cases not very helpful as with to their contents, and moreover some of them are occasionally cited in any more readily popular publications, it is felt fact that their inclusion may be helpful now and then and there.
When periodical publications are cited in other works, the titles are normally abbreviated, unfortunately far and away too as many a time as with not in a way as with to render it virtually impossible to guess the punctual title. Apart fm. producing a mere list of succulent periodicals, the present bibliography also tries give off a consistent set up of abbreviations in behalf of the periodicals listed.
These abbreviations are in most cases formed as of the guide lines set up check out in BPH and it is hoped fact that they may contribute to a any more single way of citing succulent periodicals, thus avoiding the continued use of ill-defined and easy-to- confuse abbreviations. Abbreviations are supplied in behalf of most titles included in the list.
In the case of little of note newsletters, branch journals, etc, or of little of note titles in a non-current language, no abbreviation is provided, however.

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